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  • Environmental analysis (soil, water, air, waste, asbestos)

    • Asbestos, airborne fibers
    • Surface water, groundwater
    • Waste
    • Drinking water
    • Ambient air
    • Emission sources
    • Workplace air
    • Dust
    • Waste water
    • Sewage sludge
    • Soil
    • Soil gas
    • Solide Recover Fuel
    • Indoor air
    • Biochar, Compost
    • Biogas
    • Sampling
  • Food and feed analyis

    • Physical and chemical tests
    • Microbiological tests
    • Examination of pesticide residues
    • Examination of mycotoxins
    • Testing of doping substances in dietary supplements and raw materials
    • Feed testing
    • Honey testing
    • Examination of Pálinka and alcoholic beverages
    • Sensory tests
    • GMO tests
    • Label check
  • Non-food analysis

    • Migration test of packaging materials
    • Analysis of household chemicals
    • Testing of cosmetics products
    • Disinfectant efficacy testing
  • Pharmaceutical services

    • Quality control testing of finished products, raw materials, excipients
    • Testing of packaging materials
    • Audit
    • Batch Release
    • Herbs, herbal products
    • Stability storage and testing
  • Environmental consulting (complex analysis of buildings, land lots, hazardous materials survey, monitoring, IPPC, remediation)

  • Research and development, adult education (Registered adult education facility. Registration no.: 01-0834-05.)

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